Deli Sandwiches

The American lifestyle keeps getting busier and busier. Statistics by the Bureau of labor released last year show that more than 25 million American white-collar workers (20.5 percent of the total workforce) reported working at least 49 hours a week. Eleven million of those workers reported working more than 59 hours a week. Whether or not this trend goes away anytime soon, helping Americans save time continues to be a way to create sales and loyalty in the supermarket foodservice and deli departments.

With workers stretching time as thin as they can, making lunches or taking long breaks at restaurants provide fall by the wayside. Even home-made dinners take up too much time with the busy schedule of activities for children. By offering busy workers quality and quick meal options, the supermarket places itself in a good position to see daily and repeat customers come through their foodservice and deli departments.

The Consummate Quick Meal
The deli sandwich represents the single best quick meal. Whether consumer’s order it from the foodservice department or pick up a freshly made, packaged in house sandwich, the deli sandwich gives busy diners what they need during their time-crunched days. Make your deli sandwich menu appealing to by offering the right amount of options without overwhelming your customers. An adequate variety of classics and a select variety of meats, cheeses, vegetable toppings and dressing, in both hot and cold should be manageable by staff and shoppers.

They to making a shoppers life easier will be in the signage, marketing, merchandising, etc. First shoppers need to know about your deli sandwich offerings, what the specials are, when the specials take place and anything else they need to know about the specials. And most importantly, where which sandwiches are available once they are in the store.

Make It a Deal
For lunch specials, package your deli sandwiches with chips and one other small item. The classic pickle spear is a guaranteed winner, but maybe something a little sweeter will entice the consumer to comeback. Partner with your bakery to offer an easily packaged dessert with the sandwich. Cakes and cookies work well, but try something a little more unique. If your bakery offers cake pops, they would make an excellent and easily adapted dessert to a prepackaged deli sandwich combo from the cold case.

For hot deli sandwiches from the foodservice department, especially at dinnertime, you could offer something that might be a little harder to carry, but also more attractive. A slice of cake or pie makes an excellent addition for dessert. Sides could be more traditional as well, French fries or a wet salad.

Don’t forget about breakfast. Offering breakfast sandwiches at the deli is sure to garner store loyalty. Remember to make an effort to market and promote all your quick and easy sandwich offerings so that customers know they can get a quality meal quickly at your store