Maximize Valentine’s Day Sales

Valentine’s Day is meant for spoiling loved ones, and shoppers will be on the hunt for just the right gifts for the special people in their lives. As such, it is important to offer a wide variety of Valentine’s Day products – from the classics to more unique items – to position your supermarket as a go-to gift-buying destination.

Offer the Classics
The Traditionally, nothing says Valentine’s Day like chocolates, and year after year, shoppers scoop up assortments of this sweet treat.

“We always experience a rise in sales around Valentine’s Day,” said Tiffany Van Hemm, Director of Public Relations for Sanders Candy, a purveyor of fine chocolates. “Our Valentine’s Day Minis are our top-selling Valentine’s Day item. We took our most popular seasonal candies – including mini sea salt caramel hearts, mini raspberry sorbet hearts, and more – and made them into minis. We then created an eye catching colorful packaging design that would make this product stand out from anything out there in the marketplace. The cute boxes are the perfect size for shoppers to gif to their loved ones.”

Chocolates, like those from Sanders, are displayed well in both the bakery and floral departments.

“They also work very well in gift baskets,” Van Hemm said.

In addition to chocolates, cakes are another traditionally popular Valentine’s Day item. Sander’s bestselling cake for Valentine’s Day is its Raspberry Bumpy Cake.

“It has chocolate devil’s food cake, butter cream ridges, and raspberry flavored icing,” Van Hemm said. “It arrives frozen and can be sold in bakery freezer cases or in the frozen dessert section.”

Think Outside the Chocolate Box
While chocolates and cakes will fly off the shelves, it’s also important to consider your customers who have a more non-traditional take on Valentine’s Day gifts.

“Daffy Apple Red Candy Caramel [a soft caramel that’s red in color] would be a great product to feature for Valentine’s Day,” said Lindsay Bergstrom, Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Daffy Farms. “Last year, several regional grocery stores used our Red Candy Caramel in their instore bakeries to create caramel apples. It is available in a case pack, with sticks included, to retailers all across the country and is super simple to use. Our Red Candy Caramel also works well in various baking applications and to dip pretzels, marshmallows, or anything else that you would want to dip in caramel.”

Along those same lines, Sanders offers a fruit and snack dip.

“Sanders new Dark Chocolate Fruit & Snack Dip would be great to display with strawberries as a healthy festive treat for the family for Valentine’s Day,” Van Hemm said. “We have a free display cart with purchase program, and placing strawberries on it with the dips would create excitement and purposeful buying for the holiday. Signage can be interchangeable from everyday to Valentine’s Day.”

The bottom line? Make sure you have several options for your health-conscious consumers as well as those who are missing their sweet tooth.

Maximize Sales
It is undoubtedly a smart business strategy to begin promoting your Valentine’s Day merchandise in the weeks leading up to the holiday. However, as a retailer, you likely know all too well that the majority of people don’t actually purchase gifts during those few weeks; they instead wait until the very last minute. Early in the evening on the holiday itself, your store is probably packed with business professionals who are scavenging for gifts on their way home from work. While this last-minute rush may not be the best news for their loved ones, it can be great news for your instore’s bottom line. Here are some great ways to maximize your sales this next Valentine’s Day:

1. Prominently feature your Valentine’s Day merchandise. Organize all of your holiday products in a centralized, themed display. This way, shoppers won’t have to wander around the store in search of the perfect gift.

2. Frequently restock the display. There is nothing worse than an empty display. If you do not have a plethora of products available, you will not maximize your sales. Keep your display well stocked, and give your last-minute shoppers the same selection you offered to your advance planners.

3. Sell outside the store.  Whole Foods has been known to place boxes of chocolates, racks of cards, and bouquets of flowers in front of their stores. They even move a cashier outside so shoppers can complete their transactions without battling the crowds inside.

4. Put together gift baskets. Shoppers appreciate having things done for them. Arrange several related items together in baskets of various sizes and prices, wrap them in cellophane, and tie them with ribbon. These bundles are an excellent way to upsell your customers.

5. Offer gift-wrapping. As just stated, people want things done for them. Make your customers’ lives easier by offering to quickly wrap the items they purchase for a small fee. This extra touch will keep your store top of mind the next time they need to purchase a gift.

6. Help spark creativity. Many people want to give unique gifts, but they cannot come up with creative ideas on their own. Help your shoppers by doing some of the work for them. For example, you could make and sell cards with the following phrases (found on supermarketnutrition.com) to pair with grab-and-go products:

7. Spread the word. Even the best Valentine’s Day displays will flop if no one knows about them. Start spreading the word about your holiday merchandise and specials a few weeks early. Email blasts, direct mailing pieces, and social media posts are all good options. Include information about extended hours (if applicable), discounts, and more—anything that will remind them your store is the best place in town for Valentine’s Day gifts.