Communal Cheese

The word fondue comes from a French verb, fondre, meaning to melt. Fondue started to gain popularity in the US in the 1960s after its introduction at the New York World’s Fair. Served in a communal pot and enjoyed at fondue parties and special get-togethers among friends, fondue has experienced a recent resurgence in popularity.

Traditional Swiss fondue incorporates not only spices, but also wine. Emmi Fondü has introduced a new Family Fondü that contains no alcohol and works great as a cheese sauce. Plus, consumers can play with seasonings like Sriracha, nutmeg and paprika to go into their fondue pots. Crusty breads, fruit, meat or vegetables can all be dipped in fondue. Whether traditional or family friendly, suppliers and vendors will carry fondue options to fit all of your shoppers’ needs.

Fondue makes a great item to cross-merchandise across all areas of the supermarket. Center aisle dry spices, wine if the store carries it, fresh meat, bakery and produce all have relative products to fondue and the dairy case. Meal deals and recipe cards posted at every product location that pairs well with fondue should lead shoppers back to the cheese case and the fondue products. Some stores might even have housewares aisles that could potentially carry fondue pot kits.

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon and many American’s celebrating by cooking a romantic meal at home, promote fondue offerings for the holiday. Then offer a deal that includes a nice bottle of wine of you carry it, bread and a cake from the bakery.

Fondue Friendly Cheeses
Fondue is often made with a mix of cheeses for the best consistency and taste. The website www.allrecipes.com tried a number of different recipes and a mix of gruyere, cheddar and Emmentaler was voted the best.

What is Kirsch?
Many fondue recipes contain kirsch. A kirschwasser or kirsch is a clear, colorless fruit brandy traditionally made from double distillation of morello cherries, a dark-colored cultivar of the sour cherry. However, it is now also made from other kinds of cherries.