Reprints and e-Prints of articles and advertisements are available. Reprints are great for sales meetings, trade show handouts, training tools, recruiting brochures, investor profiles, annual reports, press releases or new product introduction. Reprints can be single sheets or multi-page, 4-color “brochures” with custom design to meet your marketing needs. They are printed on 80lb gloss paper and trimmed to the size of the magazine, 8 x 10.75.

Articles are redesigned so that your reprint contains just the story and photos; advertising that originally appeared in the magazine is removed. We can customize your reprint by adding the magazine logo to the top of the first page, letting your readers know the article was published in a credible magazine. Your company logo and contact information can also be included for no additional charge. Add an additional page to include your advertisement or marketing piece. The minimum quantity for reprints is 100. See below for rates.


high resolution PDF: If you're not sure that you need printed reprints, an e-Print might be what you want. e-Prints are an economical alternative that allows you to print the article when you need it rather than storing a large quantity of reprints that you may or may not use. e-Prints are typically ordered by those who only need to print a few at a time for articles that are just one to two pages. Cost is $100 per page.

low resolution PDF: Want to put an article on your company website? A low resolution PDF is what you need. The article is redesigned, removing advertising and reflowing the copy and images, just as would be done for reprints and high resolution PDFs. The low resolution file is set up for web use and is quick and easy to open or download. Low resolution files are not suitable for printing. Cost is $50 for articles up to 2 pages, $100 for 3 pages or more.


Quantity of Reprints
No. of pages 100 500 1,000 2,000 3,000 5,000 10,000
1 $478 $499 $529 $626 $720 $914 $1,396
2 $679 $703 $739 $854 $969 $1,199 $1,777
4 $1,021 $1,063 $1,117 $1,325 $1,533 $1,946 $2,983
6 $1,673 $1,754 $1,853 $2,224 $2,592 $3,334 $5,186
8 $1,856 $1,961 $2,090 $2,569 $3,048 $4,003 $6,395
12 $2,877 $3,024 $3,207 $3,894 $4,578 $5,949 $9,378

If ads need to be removed from the article you are interrested in reprinting, please call for a page count. A designer will assist you to figure out the final page count and pricing for your reprint.

Shipping charges are added to the reprint rate. Reprints can be shipped to multiple locations. Standard printing is 8-10 days and shipping is an additional 3-5 days. Call for rush printing and rush shipping charges.

For questions about reprints or to place an order, e-mail: or call 816-756-1000 and ask for Jim White.